Market Assessment and Research

Evaluating and prioritizing requires a careful examination of the opportunities within potential markets. 4Momentum takes a current, in-depth look at the overall market; utilizing research and interviews with industry experts (internal and external) to assess major drivers and market trends. 4Momentum works with you to develop "Valued Client" profiles – the characteristics of prospective clients that fit your company best.  Tests are then performed to gauge fit and interest whereby markets are assessed and high potential prospects are found. Our focus is to help our clients identify and understand how to sell effectively in their "sweet spot".


Your company’s strategic plan is at risk every day if you fail to understand your competition and position your company to succeed on an ongoing basis. Knowing more than just who your competitors were yesterday is critical to your continued success!  4Momentum’s research will assist you in identifying current and potential competitors as well as analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. We get the information straight from decision makers and influencers. Our analysis then provides a current, unbiased assessment of how the market views your product, service, performance or brand against your competitors. And, more importantly, 4Momentum provides a market driven strategy, positioning and sales methodology to outperform your competitors today and tomorrow.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing situations change daily and must be set up for consistency and tracked for tactical fine tuning and strategic management. 4Momentum can help you assess your existing sales and marketing operations and/or develop new  plans, programs and tools. Our experience has shown that consistently assessing and documenting activities for each client allows you to manage and fine tune your efforts, target marketing, enhance product development, manage your communications and increase sales performance.

Channel and Partner Development

Channel and Partner options change constantly, particularly as new technology and services become available. At 4Momentum, we have extensive experience with:


  • Direct Sales
  • Indirect Sales
  • Distributors, Resellers, Value Added Resellers and OEMs
  • System Integrators
  • Prospecting, selling and market research


We work with companies to understand the best strategies for managing the channel(s) effectively and gain revenue quickly.

Business Development

4Momentum provides Business Development as an ongoing service. By combining our Strategic Marketing and Tactical Sales acumen, we provide "hot prospects" that fit our client's "Valued Client" profile and can be closed by your sales force. The steps include:


  • Determining "Valued Client" Profile
  • Analyzing the Market or Markets.
  • Selecting Accounts
  • Narrowing Potential Prospects to "Valued Prospects"
  • Developing Relationships


Our Business Development services also provide:


  • Ongoing research, analysis and continued selection of new prospects that fit your "Valued Client" profile
  • Ongoing modification of the Business Development System to fit new objectives or business conditions